Eye Level English takes an integrated approach to English Language Arts. Based on the U.S. state standards, focus areas include phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing. 

Eye Level English develops students’ mastery of English Language Arts skills to meet the benchmarks as outlined in the state standards. The program helps students build foundational and advanced reading and writing skills with research-based, standards-driven material in a systematic progression that fosters confidence and self-directed learning habits.

Benefits of Eye Level English

1 - English Language Arts includes the development of comprehension and expansion of capacity for written and oral language. Basic language arts helps students acquire rudimentary language skills through language structure, reading, and writing.

2 - Students develop fundamental reading skills through explicit instruction, targeted practice, and oral reading focusing on fluency.

3 – The individualized nature of the program allows students to begin at a point where they are able to work independently and advance to more challenging material with confidence.

4 – Eye Level’s writing booklets introduce students to the four primary writing genres: narrative, informational, opinion, and research.

5 - Students begin with basic picture responses to carefully selected prompts and work their way up to basic sentences, paragraphs, and finally three or more paragraph essays.

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